New 23-06-2016

Whoa, we been busy, the good news is we have been busy bottling beer, and we now have all six different beers, the Ida Valley IPA the Raggedy Range Porter the Hawkdun Pale Ale the Springvale Pilsner the Leaning Rock Lager and the Waikerikeri Wheat bottled and avalible in 'Alexandra Super Liquor' where they also have one of our beers on tap for filling flagons, we also now have bottles availible in the Cromwell and Wanaka 'Super Liquors', Henrys Beer and Wines in Alexandra, you can also enjoy some of our range whilst dining at the 'Shakey Bridge Cafe' in Alexandra and also at the 'Chatto Creek Tavern', the Hawkdun Pale Ale is on tap out at the 'Lauder Tarven' along with the Raggety Range Porter in bottles, we are hoping to have some beer in some Clyde estabishments in the upcoming weeks and will keep you posted, we are also considering venturing to Queenstown shortly. Our next event will be Blossom Festival in Alexandra in late September and look forward to seeing you there, we are also aiming to be at the Craft beer festival in Dunedin in November, so its exciting times for the Manuherekia Brewery. Were getting it brewed and now getting it out there so hopefully your enjoying it.

Cheers Jono and Matt


Hey Guys, just a quick one to let you all know that unfortunately "The Great Alexandra Craft Beer Festival" has once again been postponed till Waitangi weekend Saturday the 6th of February, will keep you updated.

Cheers Jono and Matt


Sorry its been awhile since we updated, but we've been busy brewing beer, you can now enjoy a Manuherekia Brewery beer out at the Lauder Tavern, currently we have 3 beers on tap out there which include the award winning 'Hawkdun Pale Ale' the 'Raggedy Range Porter' and local favorite the 'Lauder Lager', so pop in and see Knobby whos always keen to see you, the beers cold and the foods great and as usual the central otago locals make the atmosphere fantastic.
For all those wanting to purchase bottles, please beer with us a little longer we are hoping to have our full range available mid to late February, down with Michelle at 'Super Liquor' in Alexandra.
As mentioned below our next outing will be at 'The Great Alexandra Craft Beer Festival' on the second Saturday of January, the 9th Jan 2016 at Pioneer Park Alexandra from 3pm to 9pm, they are having trouble settling on the date for this event but if there are any more changes we will keep you informed.
Otherwise we hope you have a excellent festive season.

Cheers Jono and Matt

05-10-2015 Blossom Festival

Blossom festival was our official hit-out, a what a fantastic day the weather put on for us, the festivals licence allowed us to sell between 11:30 and 18:30 and we were soon under way selling our first 500ml 'Porter' at 11:35, we had earlier decided to take the 2 award winning beers, 'Hawkdun Pale Ale' and 'Waikerikeri Wheat' as our mainstays and as a point of difference offer a dark beer in our 'Raggedy Range Porter' which turned out to be a hit with the punters especially the 'Cryers' whom took up residence at the end of the bar and proceeded to wet their extremely parched throats for the better part of a hour which was reported as being "Tremendously Jolly Fun". The feedback on all 3 beers was extremely positive and we very much enjoyed our day as we hope all those that joined us did. Unfortunately we underestimated the day and our kegs ran dry at 1630 to the disappointment of quite a few queued at our bar, to those we apologise profusely, and can only assure you this will not happen again. Thanks to all of you who came and we hope to see you all again next year. Our next outing will be at 'The Great Alexandra Craft Beer Festival' on the second Saturday of January, the 9th Jan 2016 at Pioneer Park Alexandra from 3pm to 9pm hope to see you there! Keep watching for a report on our progress supplying the 'Lauder Tavern', with Manuherekia Brewery beers on tap.

Zac and Richy set up and ready to go, Blossom Festival

  • Men at Work? not yet but wait!

  • Crying, thisty work!

  • Jono and Matts first hit out.

  • Hot day+thisty punters vs three taps = queues (sorry guys)

  • Pour, pour, pour as fast as you can!!

  • Not slowing down