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Manuherikia Area.

Fondly referred to as "Central" by the locals, the Manuherekia Brewery is nestled in the heart of Central Otago, just outside of Alexandra. The awe inspiring snow-capped mountains along with the schist rock and thyme covered hills, set the backdrop to the Manuherikia River that runs from both the St Bathans Range and the Hawkun Range through the Manuherikia Valley to Alexandra where it joins the Clutha River.

The water for our beer is sourced from the rain that falls on the parched mountains encompassing the Manuherikia valley which slowly percolates through the ground into the Manuherikia claybound aquifer. We source this water from a well adjacent to the brewery from 60 metres below the surface. The water emerges crystal clear and ready for beer.